Outpost Beach Hostel El Nido

El Nido named one of the world's Top Destinations on the Rise- spot.ph


When’s the last time you had a genuinely delicious burger? I mean a truly juicy American burger. Well, we got those! The Outpost Beach Bar and Restaurant has the coldest beer (thanks to our BBZ coolers) and the best burger in town (I might even say Asia)! Not only do we have burgers and hot dogs, but we also have rabbit food and Italian! I mean come on.. you can’t have a kitchen without offering Pasta. Am I right?
Oh, and we have a wood fire oven! Which means PIZZAAAA! WHAZAAAAMMM

Rumor has it, Milano chef is leaning towards making a BBQ pizzas! But don’t say we told you.

Anyway, anyone can stop by, hostel guests and outside walk-ins. We work very hard to make sure all guests feel welcomed. We have a very social atmosphere, mixture of visitors, travelers, Outpost staff members, Outpost Partners, local business owners, just kicking it and a solid time!